1. What’s unusual in your icons?

  • All icons are in one style.
  • 24×24 grid
  • 36 categories
  • 2 000+ people have already bought my items

2. Can I use the icons in a commerce project?

You can use these icons wherever you want. I started this project because I saw many servers that have too complicated rules. But don’t forget about the Icon Baron license.

3. Are all icons really for free?

Yes, all for free. If you want to help, you can use the Donate button, but all icons will always be free.

4. Сan you make custom icons?

No. I make some icons or items only for selling on different stocks. If you have ideas for new icon sets you can email me on hi@iconbaron.com. I may include some of them in this collection.

5. I don’t see any simple interface icons. Do you include them?

In this collection you don’t see 200 file icons, 500 arrow icons or 300 grid icons. Only different and complex icons, only hardcore (:

6. I’ve found a bug in your icons. Can I email you?

Sure. If you find some bad icons, just email me on hi@iconbaron.com and I fix them.