This license agreement sets forth the terms by which Nikita Golubev shall provide access to icons on website. By downloading, you agree to the following terms.

Where you can use the icons:

  1. websites, web banners, emails, videos, apps, software
  2. print media (books, magazines, business cards, billboards, etc.)
  3. presentations;

You can’t:

  1. share or otherwise transfer icons
  2. sell icons to other people or entities
  3. use icons in pornographic, infringing, defamatory, racist or religiously offensive content.

Some of the icons are logos (e.g., medical symbols). To use them, you need an approval of a third party. You are responsible for providing all agreements for the use of the icons. If you do not comply with the above stated restrictions, you agree to indemnify Nikita Golubev for all damages or costs caused by using the icons. Nikita Golubev is not liable for damages or costs incurred by you, another person or entity that used the icons.